Walking the walk with the UN Global Compact Network

You may have already heard about this initiative, but if not, the United Nations Global Compact is a global body, organisation, network, if you will, that aims to provide a structure and framework for businesses who are driven by or simply want to implement sustainable practices into their organisation.

That time when we became Australia’s First Denim B Corp

We have never believed that your school grades equate to how you do at life, but when you roll in the realm of ethical and sustainable fashion, it’s important that you don’t fake your CV. A brand might say it’s all for the people and the planet, but is it really?

Sustainable Travel 101

Would you consider yourself a sustainable traveller? As consciously as I try to consume on a day-to-day basis, I must admit that in planning my upcoming overseas getaway, sustainability has not been my first priority. It seems that in navigating unfamiliar territory, culture, language, and currency, good habits may stray.

An Unflattering Reality

"This abandoned garment factory would have been buzzing with activity not so long ago. The floor is covered with the remnants of some of our favourite brands. If our bottom line is always the $$...

Giorgi wore the Isabel jean

Well worn and worn well. Captured by Carin Garland in Joshua Tree, California, Giorgi-Antinori wears the staple Isabel jean in Washed Black.

Behind their Denims: Max Chesnut

Glacier rivers, Norwegian villages, and moody snow capped mountains, are just some of the things that you'll find in taking a visit to Max Chesnut's Instagram profile, @ExploreWithMax. This globe-trotter, photographer, and elephant enthusiast is a...


Outland Denim is proud to be a part of Holt Renfrew's H Project - a speciality department of extraordinary products with extraordinary stories.

Fashion from inside out

The factory I worked in was producing for big name fashion brands that you can find in shopping malls all over the world. My inner designer was in awe, “MY designs, in THESE stores”. The factory I was working in also overlooked child labor laws...

Tips from our Flatlay Queen, Sabine

What’s behind a good flatlay? For us it’s a day shooting with the wonderfully talented photographer Sabine Bannard. Homemade chai and cake, a couple of playful poodles, a tour of the latest renovations, and a soundtrack of Euro house tunes are all characteristics of my flatlay sessions with Sabine.

Worn in New York